Director, Elisha Anderson


It's inspired by the Spanish word "Amoroso" which means "in a loving or tender manner".


- by Elisha Anderson

Our vision is to maintain a dream team of like minded, ambitious people. To achieve this, that means we have to constantly evolve, in all areas of the business; allowing ourselves to grow with the best, most suitable A-team.

Basically, if you’ve got drive, you’ve got our support.


It all started with a dream… I’m serious… My dream was always to be independent, leading my own life. I kept that dream of owning a clothing store alive in my heart for over 10 years.

SEPT 2012

A Facebook page was created selling mainly accessories, handmade leather sandals and bags; and though I would spend time walking around Hamilton dropping flyers into mailboxes, things didn’t really take off so Amaroso went on hold (but I never gave up).

DEC 2014 >

I found my self on maternity leave, not wanting to return to the ‘9-5’. So I set out on a trip where I purchased $600 worth of stock, and literally freaked out over the money I had just spent. My days consisted of me wearing the clothes and taking mirror photos. Often I’d find myself juggling my baby while trying to ‘get the shot’. From here things progressed to my partner taking the photos infront of a backdrop.


Now THIS is where things got crazy! I created a Facebook Group and by Feb 2015 things begun to blow up in the best, most encouraging way possible. Amaroso customers would lay their clothes out and share their purchases (or “Amaroso wardrobes”) over the FB group, ask me and other ladies for outfit advice, and memes were even shared about the page.

It was an unexpected community of supportive ladies that brought about the most amazing start of Amaroso’s journey. Those of you who were there for this will forever go down in our history books. What a time

AUG 2015

Our community kept asking if / when there would be a website, so naturally… AMAROSO.COM.AU was born.

2016 - Now

Wow have times changed, life from the FB group has evolved massively and though you no longer have to race to comment SOLD on the FB group, the running of Amaroso is still done with lots of heart, love and care, with thought for the customer being #1.

Life now is filled with being a mum to two children (now 5 & 2), my partner also now plays a huge part of Amaroso; running the marketing and warehouse, and being an all round amazing contributor to the success we’ve had. We’re now a team filled with laughter, jokes, care and enthusiasm for Amaroso as well as each other. Together we’re striving for greatness, so onwards and upwards baby!